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– Casino employees are prohibited from soliciting or accepting tips, gratuity and consideration from customers or players.

– The casino employee may not give advice to a player about how to play.

No player, spectator, or other player can influence a player’s play decisions, except when requested by the player Ezwin.

Side batches against or with other players are not allowed.

– If a seated player does not place any batch for three consecutive rounds, and all other tables are used, he or she may be asked to leave the chair.

– From time-to-time, the casino operator might reserve one or more tables for:

(a. Private use of an individual/group; or

(b. The purpose of a promotional, tournament or other event.

– If a table is being reserved according to the preceding rule, a sign denoting it as private shall be displayed on the table and it shall not be opened for gaming by the general public.

– While the casino is in operation, the casino operator may close any gaming table where players are present. A sign must be posted with the time and location of the closure. This rule applies only during casino hours.

– The casino operator shall determine the minimum and maximum wager limits at each game table.

-The table sign should display the maximum and minimum wager limits. It is not necessary to place wagers in multiples of this minimum, unless stated on the signage.


(a.) The table must be occupied for at least twenty minutes before any sign indicating new limits or proposed times of change is displayed.

(b). All players at a table agree to the change.

(c). The table is being open for gaming for first time on a gaming-day; or

(d). There is no gaming activity at the table.

– The casino operator may allow a gambler to wager more than the maximum limit for the table, provided that a sign listing the maximum and minimum wager limits for the player is displayed on the appropriate part of the table.

-Bets on any game are not allowed if:

(a). The wager is prohibited by the rules of play;

(b). The wager violates the wager limits that apply to the player making the bet and is clearly indicated on the sign displaying the rules as applicable.

c. A partnership between players is in place with a view towards exceeding the maximum wager limit.

(d). The wager does not conform with the wagering requirements of the player who placed the wager or the game’s rules.

All wagers placed by a casino operator will be paid, taken or disposed according to the applicable rules. The rules shall govern the player’s rights to winnings.

Unless otherwise permitted by game rules or approved procedures, the casino operator shall ensure that all winning wagers in cash are paid to the winner.

– If it is not possible to pay winnings in chips due to any rule or approved procedure, the winnings shall instead be increased to the maximum amount that can be paid in chips.

Players are responsible to collect and claim winnings.

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