Baccarat Basic Strategy

Baccarat is often thought of as a dichotomy like odd / even, but actually

not. One of the differences between baccarat and roulette is that roulette makes every

Although the numbers have the same probability, Baccarat is not, which obviously. ! Rules

Exists. If you understand this, you can increase your odds in Baccarat 카지노 .

— Strategy 1 — Be sure to follow the lines.

The best thing about baccarat game is this line.

In simple probability, even though the player / banker is almost half of each other,

It often happens that a player or banker wins more than 5-6 times in a row.

Even a few days ago, there were 22 consecutive games in the VIP room on the 2nd floor of Kangwon Land.

There are rumors that the player with 10,000 capital raised 120 million.

It is a probability of 1/4194304 by simple calculation)

Anyway, if you see these lines during a baccarat game, you must follow them,

So if the player came out 4-5 times,

Is to go to the player unconditionally. Never go the other way.

If you’re feeling the opposite, it’s better to take a bet once.

The bottom line is that if you try to go against the line, you lose it.

On the other hand, if you go up the line comfortably, you can get 3 times as much as 5 minutes and 5 times as soon as possible.

You can also go.

— Strategy 2 — Do not bet.

Tibet betting is about 15% compared to 1% players and bankers in House Advantage.

is. That’s a bet on the house. Of course not

Advantageous. But eight times the amount of money is quite attractive,

Novice players are aiming for ties, but continuing to bet is in most cases

Deficit. Personally, there are a few cases where I’m looking for a tie bet.

In my personal understanding, in the place of the tie where the tie appeared

For example, the previous score is 6/4, 7/6, the same number of repetitions. But the bottom line is that tie betting

There is more thread than profit.

— Strategy 3 — If you are wrong twice, you should rest without regret

It is. Baccarat is a fast paced game with a big bet, so money goes up quickly.

And go down. A player betting 50,000-100,000 earns 2 million, 30 minutes

To lose, I saw a lot of cases of 15 minutes.

Once you start betting backwards with a flow, you will be wrong for 5-6 times in a row,

(The lid opens. -_-;) Trying to make a big bet, runaway

a lot. If you get wrong twice in a row, it’s a good idea to take a break.

In the meantime, read the scorecard once again, and the money goes up

There is thing to confirm where person going to hang 카지노사이트.

It is then advantageous to play the game with the feeling of starting again with the smallest bet possible.

— Strategy 4 —

Some know-how know-how, but not 100%

In my opinion, 80% seems to fit.

1. If the banker reverses in a difficult situation, the banker is again the next banker.

— 6-4, for example, if the banker draws 4,5 to reverse the player lead or 7 to 6-0.

2. If the line continues and ends, the line comes out once more.

— If a banker wins one time after seven consecutive wins, the player will often come out. (However, this was the case of eight trees, and like the six trees, the probability is half to half.)

3. Anti Going Bad Fortune

-At Baccarat table, there are many people who keep losing. I take out the money and buy a new chip. If you’re watching these people play, it seems like you’re getting bogged down. If possible, bet against these players on the other side. On the contrary, if the person who is raising money is noticeable, the winning rate increases.

This time, after the basics of the baccarat game, we will talk about practical baccarat strategy.

Baccarat and Blackjack, the two major table games of the casino, have a different approach from the player’s point of view.

If Blackjack continues to play and wins the bet when the turn is favorable to the player, and the game requires you to play for a long time instead of a short time, the biggest difference is that baccarat should be focused in a short time.

Actually, Baccarat Gamblers play three to five times their capital in a short amount of time, take a break, and then challenge the game again.

However, this game progress is also quite a bit of a struggle for game-loving gamblers, and because of the fun of Baccarat, playing cards directly with their own hands, they miss the time when they need to rest and lose the game. I’ve seen this many times.

Today’s first entry in Baccarat is

“Baccarat is not a game of continuous play, but a short game, a rest, and a short game. This is a repeated game.”


There are many cases when you should rest.

Once you win.

For example, if a player starts at $ 1,000, he can make $ 7,000, and once he starts going down, he can stop at $ 5,000.

This number will vary from person to person, but in my case I’ve decided to stop the goal once the money goes back down from the maximum to 70 percent.

In reality, it’s hard to stop a game when someone who loves to play it wakes up and goes down a bit.

Helping this is the coaches behind the scenes, often referred to as gamekeepers, moneykeepers, etc. If you went with your wife, you could be a wife.

The break should be at least 2-4 hours. If this win break is enough, the post-break game will start with a new mental state, so you can increase your odds.

The second time to stop playing is when you lose your money.

To be an ideal gambler, if you play a few days, don’t bet your capital all in one game. If you take half or a third of the capital and play the game and it doesn’t work, you have to rest that day.

Unlike waiting in Blackjack for a minimum and waiting for his turn, the loss in Baccarat is a psychological burden, and even with fewer than 20 lines, you can hardly make up for a few bets.

If you lose the amount of money you set, you must give up at least one game of the day without regret. If you are not sure, you should rest at least 1-2 hours and get back to the game.

The most basic thing in a baccarat game is that you need a posture that won’t play at all unless it’s the best state to win.

The second item in the Baccarat practice course is

“You have a high chance of winning after you win, and you have a high chance of losing after you lose.”

If you make a big bet and you go wrong, you’re usually excited psychologically. In this state, the current baccarat game flow (often referred to as the picture) is not always read well, and the bet only gets bigger and bigger. is.

To put it badly, once you’re wrong, it’s a good idea not to go the next few times. At least a sudden drop can be prevented. Many Chinese players play this way.

Again, if you’re wrong and you want to bet with a sharp bet, you’ll lose eight out of ten.

The end of today’s live class is Baccarat’s bet.

Baccarat bets must be able to bet at least three times.

If you play baccarat, you will get three consecutive hits or three consecutive wrong shots.

Wrong three times in a row is out of the field, the key to the game is to capture and bet the points you have hit three or more times in a row.

When placing a bet, you must play the game only as the number of chips, not as a conversion.

Baccarat gamblers, who have long experience, usually wager 1/2 to 1/3 of the number of chips they have.

If it’s right, it’s going to fall, and if it’s right, it’s going to fall again.

The conclusion is that 1/2, 1, 2–> eventually five times the capital is created in three times.

Of course, if you hit three times in a row.

This is an example of a baccarat player with a bit of experience, and if you are a casual gamer in a theme club, you need to learn to bet three or four times in a quarter of your capital.

If only 1/5, 1/5, 2/5, 4/5, 8/5 comes in, 2.2 times the capital can be made in just three times.

As you play Baccarat, betting the minimum or only the amount you’ve set is a losing game.

Think of it as a chance, and when you can bet more than half of your capital, you will start to see a win in Baccarat.

Real Baccarat players often win 10 times and win once.

10 times, because if you were the capital you decided, there are a lot of gamblers who make 20 times more than the capital once they win.

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