Flowers of Thailand


Thailand has a very diverse geography, ranging from arid plateaus from the north east, towering mountains at the north and steamy jungles in the south. This diversity has resulted in an incredible assortment of plants and animals. Travellers to this incredible country can expect some worldclass scuba diving, mountain climbing, bird watching, flower seeing and hiking, and many vets flock to Thailand to help care for animals in the country’s various nature reserves and sanctuaries.

Plants and flowers of Thailand

The nation is also renowned for producing and สมัครเรียน ราชภัฏ exporting orchids, where we now have over 1,000 species particular to Thailand. There is also the lotus blossom, which in Thailand appears in white or pink colours and is very closely related to the nation’s key religion, Buddhism, being a symbol for calmness, tranquility and intellect. Buddhist legend claims a lotus blossom climbed from each one of Lord Buddha’s initial heralded as a young child.

There’s also the striking red Poinsettia, which although associated with Christianity in the West remains highly common in Thailand, especially in the north west and Chiangmai. This flower, such as the orchid, blooms in the winter providing much needed colour over these warm, colder months. Flowers are an significant part lifestyle in Thailand and employed for cooking, decoration, ceremonies and even in medicine.

Rice is even more crucial and, in addition to being Thailand’s main export crop, is also the food which everybody eats for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Rice also has religious institutions and will be the standard food offered to the monks if they do their own rounds at early morning to amass sustenance by which to continue their studies and meditations. These offerings are specially crucial during the crop season when vacations abound all over the nation, just exactly the same as from the West using their Thanksgiving and Harvest festivals.


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